Necessary for providing nutritional facts in beverages and fruit drinks

The nutritional content of beverages and liquid beverages is sure to read product labels and that will provide, in unity with local or regional labeling procedures, valuable vitamin supplementary evidence. Our plan is to provide nutrition labeling information for all of our products, with the exception of certain returnable bottles, spray beverages and waters for which information about vitamin is provided by alternate means. First it was the cola wars, and then soft drinks became popular with the introduction of nutritional facts in beverage drinks. These juices are the packaged new age drinks and begin to gain reception among a health conscious compeer.

New age beverage industry is also in the middle of a growing strategy

The beverage industry is also in the middle of a growing policy debate in the United States regarding the taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages. Surveys show mixed feelings about an SSB tax, a poll in New York City indicated more support if the proceeds went toward health-related initiatives. Temporarily, the soft drink industry has responded strongly to proposed SSB taxes.


Internally, the soft drink industry is responding with efforts to influence consumer behavior by introducing smaller-size packaging, encouraging active lifestyles, and looking into alternative, non-caloric sweeteners. Obviously, supplicant and other activist groups have successfully gathered support to defeat many of the proposed taxes in our new age beverage market. India is the third largest supply of new age beverage market in the world and the countries, US and China take the second place.